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Abstract Report

5th GOSS Abstract report of the Scientific Committee

Chair: Abdelrahman Nimeri Co-Chair: Aayed Al Qahtanibr
Members: Abdulwahid Al Wahidi, Ahmad Bashir, Ali Khammas, Amer Al Derzi, Eisa Al Mualimi, Faheem Bassiouni, Guido Mannaerts, Hayssam Fawal, Moataz Bashah, Osama Taha, Raad Al Mehdi, Salman Al Sabah, Tarek Mahdy

We received 78 Abstracts from 40 institutions in the following countries:

Canada, USA, Italy, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, France, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman

Top 10 Oral Presentations:

  • 1st place: Dr Hayssam Fawal Makassed Hospital Lebanon Comparison of outcomes of RYGB and LSG.
  • Tied for second place:
    Osama Taha Assiut University Hospital Egypt OAGB after failed restricitve procedures is not recommended,
    Joshua Landerneau Cleveland Clinic Foundation USA Conversion of LSG to LRYGB.
    Guido Mannaerts Tawam Hospital UAE Fast Track bariatric surgery in the UAE.
  • 5th place: Aly Al Bahrawi Midterm and long term outcomes of bariatric surgeyr in the Elderly Montreal General Hospital McGill University
  • Tied for 6th Place: Salman Al Sabah Al Amiri Hospital Kuwait, The prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries in bariatric surgeons.
    Talat Al Shaban Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, UAE Manatory Risk assessment reduces Venous thromboembolism after bariatric surgery Joshua Landerneau Cleveland Clinic Foundation USA Use of Endoluminal Stents to Treat Complications of Bariatric Surgery
  • 9th Place: Aliaa Al Mutawa Kuwait University Kuwait Evaluation of nutritional status after LSG.
  • 10th Place: Ahmad Bashir GBMC Jordan Midterm 5 year results of RYGB a multicenter study